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Unions at Homerton Hospital & Community Services


Who are the unions at the Homerton?

There are a number of different unions at the hospital.  Some represent specific groups of workers and others like Unison and Unite are general.


Some professional bodies also act as unions in representing their members

eg Royal College of Nursing (RCN), Royal College of Midwives (RCM), British Medical Association (BMA), Society of Radiographers (SOR), British Dietetics Association (BDA), Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP).


You can join a professional body and a general union if you choose to.

What do the unions do?

Unions represent individual members when they need it.  They also act to represent groups of workers collectively who face a common problem.

The various unions at the Homerton also come together to negotiate with management.  When they act together like this they are known as “staff side”.

Staff side negotiates on issues such as policies, changes in the organisation of departments which affect staff, health and safety.

Representatives from these unions will also attend national conferences which shape the policies and campaigns that the unions take up with the Government such as pay and conditions.   

Why you should

join a union…

1.    Unions work with other staff representatives to negotiate over policies which affect our working lives.

2.    Unions campaign over health and safety issues and take up members’ concerns.

3.    Unions fight for better pay for members.

4.    Unions help members make complaints if they are being treated unfairly.

5.    Unions stand up for members’ rights at work.

6.    Unions support members facing disciplinary procedures.

7.    In general, trade union members are half as likely to be sacked as non-union members.

8.    Where necessary, Unions can access legal advice/ services for members.

9.    Unions campaign against privatisation of the NHS.

10.          More members make our unions more effective.



To join, contact one of the union representatives on the list overleaf.